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How to Capture Emotion Throughout Your Long Island Portraits

How to Capture Emotion Throughout Your Long Island Portraits

The emotions you will feel throughout your life are unlike any other. The thrill of achieving your goals, the excitement of your many adventures, the passion and devotion you will feel when you find that special someone; these emotions will make up your life experiences and forever be etched into your memory. But, you can relive these moments within your portraits as well.

Ideas for Your “Trash the Dress” Photoshoot

Capturing emotions within your portraits is key when presenting photos that tell your story.

We believe that your most treasured feelings should be displayed proudly within your photos. That’s why, here at One Fine Day Photographers & Videographers, we have put together a few tips on how to capture emotion throughout your Long Island portraits. To gain some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • A Little Warm Up. Sometimes, all you need is a little time to warm up, such as before a sports tournament. Allow yourself a few photos to get warmed up and feel comfortable in your surroundings. If you aren’t comfortable, you likely won’t be able to showcase your true emotions.
  • Don’t Say “Cheese”. Saying cheese is so cliché. What about saying cheese would ever make you feel a deep emotion? Even if you have a deep love for this delicious delicacy, your emotions will certainly be limited, if not completely lacking, throughout your photos, if you say the dreaded word. You don’t have to say “cheese” for photos. In fact, it’s discouraged.
  • Do Something. When you feel the emotions, you are more likely to express them. If you are just standing around and posing, will you really connect with these emotions? Do something you love for your portraits, from skateboarding to reading your favorite book. This is how you can show true emotion.

Aspects That Make an Experienced Wedding Videographer

Emotions are what make life memorable and exciting. These tips can ensure that your emotions are displayed within your portraits. Here at One Fine Day Photographers & Videographers, as a long Island Portrait photographer, we are ready to capture your portraits. Contact us today to begin planning with your portrait photographer in Long Island, New York.

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