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How to Choose a Location for Your Long Island Engagement Photos

How to Choose a Location for Your Long Island Engagement Photos

Choosing your partner wasn’t a difficult task. It may have taken awhile for you to find each other, but once you did, you knew there was no one else for you. Now that you are engaged, you will be faced with some decisions, such as setting your wedding date, who to choose for your maid of honor, when to even announce your engagement, and which location will serve as the perfect setting for your engagement photos.

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Your engagement photos are the perfect way to announce your new relationship status with pride. You and your partner will have on your best attire, be flashing your pearly whites, and will show a sneak peak of the immense amount of love you share. However, the cherry on top, will be the perfect location.

We believe that every element of your engagement photos should be carefully considered, including your photoshoot location. That’s why, here at One Fine Day Photographers and Video, we have put together a few tips on how to choose a location for your own engagement photos. To learn how you can pick the best setting, be sure to keep reading:

  • The right timing. When it comes to choosing the perfect location, ultimately the right time of year and day plays a huge part. For example, the park can be a lovely choice any time of year, depending on your preferences. If you love the sparkling of the snow, Winter can be a great time to capture your engagement photos. Or, if you prefer the colorful array of leaves in the Fall, then an overcast day in the park can provide many rustically beautiful images. The time of day will affect your lighting, as well as the traffic of your chosen spot. The time of year will affect the accessibility and look of your setting. It all depends on what you prefer.
  • Your outfits should complement your location. If you plan on wearing a more formal outfit, then a formal location would probably be most fitting. Think of the most elegant and stunning location near you, and then decide if our formal attire will complement it. If you are choosing a more casual outfit, or incorporating whimsical ensembles or props, then perhaps a formal setting isn’t your best option. but rather a location where you can be playful with one another within your surroundings.
  • Harness the sentimental meaning. Take a second to imagine all the places that hold a special meaning for you and your partner. Those locations that stir butterflies in your stomach, evoke those happy emotions, and bring back that smile of pure happiness; these are the locations that are meaningful to you. They can bring that sentimental value to your engagement photos as well! So, venture off to where you had your first date, or were proposed to, for a meaning display of photos.

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Your engagement photos are a big deal! They are likely your way of announcing your big news to the world. So, only the perfect setting will do, and these tips will help you choose the best one. Here at One Fine Day Photographers and Video, as Long Island engagement photographers, we can help you plan the perfect engagement photos, right down to the location. When you are ready to begin planning your Long Island, New York engagement photos, please feel free to contact us.

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