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What to Wear for Your Long Island Portrait Photo Session

What to Wear for Your Long Island Portrait Photo Session

After deciding to book a portrait photo session, you may be wondering what you can do to help your photographer create stunning photos of you! Luckily, we have set a system for you! From how to you prepare up to four weeks before your photo session, to what to wear, to how to pose, to what colors are best for your skin, even the type of necklines you should choose for your dress or shirt, we have thought that over!

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Like most people, when it comes to what you will be wearing for the photo session, whether it be engagement photos, headshots, private parties, you may be at a loss. After all, your ensemble can do a lot for your photos, such as set the mood. Do you want edgy photos? Are you a Calvin Klein kind of person? Are you the girl next door? Are you the vintage, edgy person who like timeless photos? Or, are you the corporate businessperson who wants professional headshots that represent your confident and strong, yet approachable persona?

We believe that the right outfit can do wonders for many things, such as portraits! That’s why, here at One Fine Day Photographers & Videographers, as Long Island portrait photographers, we have put together a few tips to assist you in choosing the best attire for your own portrait photo session. If you have an upcoming photo session, feel free to keep reading to discover more:

  • Send the Right Message

    It’s important to remember that you are the focus of your photos. Your outfit will do a lot for your images, such as make you look feminine, strong, confident, approachable, or even vulnerable, it all depends on what you want out of your portrait photo session. Your wardrobe will complement your theme or mood you are setting, as well as bring a fun or creative dynamic to each frame. However, they are not the star of these photos, you are!

    • It’s important to avoid clothing with a large, flashy logos or writing, unless it relates to the photos you are taking.
    • Also, opt for clothing that fits your form! You will want your clothing to fit your curves, as it will showcase the beauty that your body offers. So, consider avoiding loose and billowy blouses.
  • Complement Your Personal Style

    Your clothing is an accessory to your photos, as you should be the center of attention! Clothing can be used to create a stunning image where everything cohesively works together and everything complements each other. However, if you were to show up at your park photo session with black pants that are much too tight, it may not fit your setting as well as you hoped.

    • Wearing clothing that is too busy can draw attention away from you and bring that attention to your clothes instead. Choose clothing that accentuates your stunning self, rather than taking the focus away from your beauty.
    • If you want to appear dark and smoldering, colors such as navy, charcoal, or black would be best.
    • However, for a more light and ethereal appeal, go for blush, nude, white, or cream.
  • Women

    There are many different angles your photographer will explore when finding the perfect one for you. One of the more popular angles is above eye level, looking down.

    • If you are wearing your favorite v-neck shirt, your cleavage may become center stage to the camera. If this is something you are hoping to avoid, be sure to mind your cleavage when choosing your portrait photo session ensemble.
    • However, if you are seeking a more boudoir and sensual photo session, you can certainly exploit the girls, as there is no shame in what your gorgeous body offers. Ultimately, the decision is yours.
  • Men

    Those eyebrows sometimes are so distracting, or the extra hairs on the cheek that can be eliminated in one stroke, and then there are those ear hairs as well…let’s face it, some of us are hairier than others.

    • For men, it’s recommended to wear your favorite shirt, make sure the caller is perfect, no stains or small threads coming out of it, also, wear your favorite jacket! Sports jackets that are fitted to your body would be ideal.
    • Avoid also wearing clothing that is too baggy, as it will have you appearing larger than you actually are.

There are many things you can do to ensure that your photos turn out beautifully. These are just a few tips that will help you ready yourself before your own portrait photo session.

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Are you prepared to have your own images captured by a portrait photographer in Long Island, New Yok? If so, please get in touch with us here at One Fine Day Photographers & Videographers, as we are all set to preserve your memories through photography!

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