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Capture Long Island Wedding Photos That Will Make You Smile

Capture Long Island Wedding Photos That Will Make You Smile

When viewing your wedding photo collection, you will experience many emotions. Tears of joy, love, happiness; these emotions will be what will bring you back to the special moments that you experienced on your big day.

Why You Should Have Black and White Wedding Photos Captured

Regardless of what types of photos you are viewing from your big day, there is one thing that you will want to experience; a smile!

Here at One Fine Day Photographers & Video, we believe that every wedding photo viewed should bring you happiness! That’s why we have gathered some specific images that you will want to capture on your wedding day that will make you smile. To discover what these photos are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Fun with Your Wedding Party. Your wedding party will consist of your closest friends and family members. You will spend hours with them as you prepare for your walk down the aisle. Throughout this time, you will make new memories together as you share stories, laugh, and enjoy one another’s company. Capturing photos of your time together will surely make you smile!
  • The Little Ones. There will most likely be many children attending your wedding. These little ones will be presenting an absolutely adorable appearance with their giggles and clumsy movements. From your flower girl shyly walking down the aisle tossing petals to your ring bearer showcasing some festive moves out on the dance floor, there’s no doubt that smiles will be present if you capture photos to view of the children on your big day.
  • Heartfelt Moments. Spending a little time with your parents on your wedding day will allow you to capture some truly heartfelt photos. These images are sure to promote a smile, as the bond you share with your mother and father is one of a kind. Whether it’s a first look moment with your parents or one of them helping to adorn you with jewelry or a tie, you can guarantee that these photos will be truly cherished.

Reasons Why Professional Wedding Photography Is Important

Every wedding photo collection should promote a great deal of smiles! These are just a few images to inspire yours. To begin working with a Long Island wedding photographer, please visit us here at One Fine Day Photographers & Video. We look forward to the opportunity to be your wedding photographer in Long Island, New York.

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